Children are provided healthy meals according to the CACFP (Child and Adult Food Program) giving children a great opportunity to develop good eating habits to promote lifelong good health.
We offer a healthy breakfast and snack for our A.M. programs, a healthy lunch and snack for the P.M. and Montessori-only programs and a healthy breakfast, lunch and two snacks for our Full-Day programs. The food we serve is prepared by a qualified and dedicated food worker/handler. We offer both pre-prepared and self-prepared food items and meals that are carefully selected for quality ingredients based on all applicable Federal and State standards.

Meals and snacks are prepared and served fresh every day. Monthly meal menus are available below and at the school office.

Breakfast – A good start to everyday begins with a good breakfast. Children are served items such as: pancakes, cereal, bagels, etc., and always accompanied with a fruit.

Snack – Busy children will always make time for a snack break. We serve items such as: crackers, cheese, celery, peanut butter, etc.

Lunch – We always provide a hearty nutritious lunch that the children enjoy after a productive morning full of activities. Lunch always includes: milk, main dish, fruit, and vegetable. Some of our Main Dishes are: turkey and cheese sandwiches, chicken fajitas, meatloaf, and mor

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