Hacienda Montessori

Hacienda Montessori Academy

15694 Tetley St.
Hacienda Heights, CA 91745
Phone: (626) 333-5566
Fax: (626) 333-5569

Welcome to Hacienda Montessori Academy. We opened our doors for services in July 2010, and the program was received warmly by the residents of Hacienda Heights. It is one of only two Montessori based schools available in Hacienda Heights. We offer both private and State Preschool services for preschool ages two through entry into grade school.

We are proud of our beautiful campus and we take pride in our classroom environments which offer a variety of equipment and materials that are not commonly found in other Montessori classrooms. Apart from offering an authentic Montessori environment our classrooms also have materials and equipment which follow the principals and practices of Early Childhood Education. This philosophy is popular in American culture and utilizes the High Scope curriculum, Creative curriculum and the Environmental Rating Scale (ERS). The combination of both of these philosophies applied through their individual practices and unique equipment and materials creates a unique and rich environment for your child unlike that found in most preschool environments.

Our team of teachers are dedicated to providing your child a solid foundation for future success based on our set of goals and objectives designed for your children to express their creativity, unique individuality and achieve success in their daily work and play. They work one-on-one with children to ensure they strike the right balance between adult interaction and guidance and independent activity and free choice.

The Staff

We have a dedicated group of teachers there who have grown to love the community and believe it is their responsibility to prepare its young preschoolers with a wealth of knowledge, skills and confidence to be successful in the years ahead in grades school and beyond.

Our site supervisor has Montessori training, a bachelor’s degree in Child Development and well over ten years experience in working with preschool aged children in various child development settings. She is resolute in her dedication to preserving the Montessori Method, our mission, goals and objectives for our children and the unique combination of our curriculum, Montessori environment and vision for the children we serve. She is further characterized by her intelligence, kindness, caring and patient attitude and demeanor and willingness to work with families from all walks of life that are interested in enrolling their children in our program.

Meet the Site Director – Mai Trinh

Mai fell in love with Montessori whilst teaching at an international school in Vietnam.

Prior to her international teaching experiences, she completed her Bachelor of Arts in Child Development with a minor in Sociology and a California Multiple Subject teaching credential in 2007.

Mai first started her teaching career with the Los Angeles Unified School District before she moved into the private sector and worked at international schools for 4 years before her journey with the Montessori teaching method. Upon completing her AMI Primary Diploma in India, Mai has directed Montessori classrooms in Hong Kong, Irvine, Fountain Valley, and Honolulu. She is also a certified Positive Discipline Educator and facilitates workshops for parents and caregivers to build a positive connection with children. Besides her deep passion in guiding children toward their fullest potential, she also love to be engaged in her communities and learning ways to serve it. Being an active member of the Baha’i Faith, she has been involved in various community building projects including directing a Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment program and served on a Local Spiritual Assembly. Mai is very happy join Montessori Association of Corina and she look forward to working with the amazing staff, children and families at Hacienda Montessori Academy.

Preschool Programs

We offer both full-day and part-day Montessori preschool services for both private fee-based and State Preschool (income-qualifying) families. The latter is funded by the California Department of Education and the half-day program services are FREE for ALL qualifying families. STARTING JULY, 2014 THERE IS NO LONGER A FEE FOR THE HALF-DAY STATE PRECHOOL PROGRAM. We also offer Transitional Kindergarten. Call for details. Please refer to our fee schedule for families that do “not” qualify for our subsidized programs.

The full-day program is from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. We offer two part-day programs. The A.M. program is from 7:45 A.M. to 11:30 A.M.., and the afternoon program is from 12:15 P.M. to 4:00 P.M. The Montessori Only program is from 7:45 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Please visit the school and pick up a daily schedule of activities and program times from our office.

A healthy breakfast, lunch and snacks are served daily.

Summer Camp

This year’s program dates: July 1 – August 15th

Important News & Events

  • Veteran’s Day – Nov 10th, School in Session.
  • Thanksgiving Break – Nov 27-28.
  • Parent Surveys – Nov 3rd -7th.
  • Holiday Variety Program Dec. 17th , 6:30 p.m. All parents/families & public.
  • Holiday Party – Dec 23rd.
  • Dec 24th – School in session, Half Day only
  • Winter Break – Dec 25-26.
  • Holiday – Jan 1-2.
  • School in Session – Jan 5th
  • Martin Luther King Day – Jan 19th, school in session.
  • Open House – Jan 24th, Saturday, 09:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. All parents/families & open to public.

Resource & Referral Services

We offer a list of referral services to families who are interested in utilizing the benefits of community services at low cost or no cost. We urge families to make an appointment with the Site Supervisor to get more information as needed.

Enroll In Distance Learning