We offer Montessori Private and State Preschool funded programs in Azusa, El Monte, Hacienda Heights, Baldwin Park and Pomona. We also offer an LAUP (Los Angeles Universal Preschool) funded half-day program in Baldwin Park. Additionally, we now offer Transitional Kindergarten for those children whose 5th birthday falls between July 1 and October 2nd of the current fiscal year. We offer Infant Care in Pomona.

Fee-Paying Programs

Please contact the site nearest you through the link below to get program and fee information.

State Preschool

Through the California Department of Education, Child Development Division, we provide no cost/low cost part-day and full-day preschool services to families that qualify. The part-day program with services for four hours or less is completely FREE for families that qualify based on household income and child’s age at the time of eligibility. This program is available at all of our five sites. We also offer services for families that need child care services for more than four hours. This program is based on need and offers services in excess of four hours up to a full-day program. Our services focus primarily on education and preparation of the young child and the day care component is secondary.

Summer Camp

We offer a summer camp program each summer through the months of July and August. The program has two purposes. The primary purpose is to provide a fun and enjoyable experience with plenty of fun summer activities that include movies, field trips, outdoor activities, water play, creative art and classroom projects such as making ice cream, cup cakes and other delicious treats. The secondary purpose is sometimes considered more important than the primary and it’s loosely termed “light academics”. This refers back to our organization founder’s observation from years of experience that young children can forget learned concepts and information through the two summer months unless they are given an environment to engaged in activities such as the classroom to refresh their memories and exercise their cognitive skills. Teachers continue to work on the three R’s and provide exposure of the Montessori environment where materials and apparatuses attract children to work with them freely and independently. This helps to ensure that the skills and knowledge gained in the previous ten months of school are not forgotten. Teachers also encourage children-centered projects and activities based on the summer themes that are designed to provide fun and enjoyment while simultaneously help children apply their cognitive skills.

Extra Curricular Activities

We offer ballet & tap dance, piano & music classes, karate and gymnastics lessons in both group and individual settings. Call us for details.

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